Solar Energy Installation Requirements.

Solar energy is a major renewable energy source with the potential to meet many of the challenges facing the world.

To acquire this increasingly popular power source, the following electrical appliances are required.

1) Solar Panels: They are needed to harness the energy that is being generated by the sun to produce power.

2) Battery: It is designed to discharge and recharge energy. Solar batteries are recommended as they are designed to be charged and discharged repeatedly.

3) Charge Controller: Its Design to prevent overcharging in the case of high voltage produced by the solar panels which have the potential to damage the batteries.

4) Power Inverter: It converts low voltage DC to the 120 volts AC needed for appliances.

5) Cables: Which helps in linking all of 1 to 4 together.

The design is based on the perspective – How much power is needed and this can be obtained from the appliances in place.

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